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Have you ever walked into your house after a vacation and noticed a funny smell? Maybe you were just out shopping for the day. Maybe someone else thought they smelled musty clothes.

You open the windows and the smell dissipates. You think maybe you left a load of laundry in overnight, so you run that again. Who knows, but its gone now, so no big deal.

“I don’t even like walking past my crawlspace”

Most people never enter that area of their house. Its dark, damp, smelly and it has spiders (or worse yet snakes). Who would want to go in there? You don’t have to see it everyday, so why worry about it?

“The stack effect”

Stack Effect

Well, there is plenty of reason to think about it. Your house has a natural air flow called the chimney or stack effect. This is caused when hot air rises and cooler air is introduced from the bottom. This effect is common in commercial buildings of multiple stories. In residential construction, the effect is heightened by using crawlspace vents and roof vents.

So any moisture located in the crawlspace is introduced into the house causing a musty smell. When the house is closed up and the only air introduced is from the crawlspace, that is all that you’ll smell.

The stack effect causes air from your crawlspace to enter your house from the crawlspace. As the heat rises the makeup air is drawn from whatever source is available. That air can be introduced through pipe and wire chases, loose HVAC ductwork, and holes in floor where the dishwasher or oven may be. In houses built before 1970, this is accelerated due to balloon construction.


“The solutions”


Crawlspace moisture can come from many sources. The soil, broken/ sweating pipes, or maybe saturated ground outside. Plumbing issues should be repaired quickly, but ground saturation has to be remedied by using plastic. Some houses only need a simple vapor barrier, some encapsulation.

Vapor barriers should extend from wall to wall with over-lapping joints of at least 12″. All Crawl uses only 6mil black plastic for vapor barriers. We have found that this type holds up well to plumbers, cable installers and electrician.

Encapsulation is a system where the crawlspace is sealed from the ground and the outside air. 12-20mil plastic is attached and sealed to the walls. All seams are overlapped and sealed with a special tape. The air in the crawl space is then mechanically controlled and dehumidified. This stops mold from growing and eliminates the mustiness from the stacked effect.

“The ALL CRAWL guarantee”

ALL CRAWL is not a franchisee. We are not restricted to material providers, or manufacturing companies. What does this mean for you? ALL CRAWL can work with your budget. We buy high quality materials from reputable companies. Therefore our pricing is competitive to those large national companies.

ALL CRAWL understands that there is no cookie cutter solution for all crawlspaces. Allow us to take a look for you. A second opinion never hurts. You might be surprised by what we offer. Call 804-398-2699 today to schedule an appointment.

  1. I am reminded of an old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Crawl space is a vital part of any house and should be kept neat, clean and easily accessible .Inspect it often looking for signs of moisture or mildew.

  2. Keeley January 20, 2013

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, What’s That Smell? (Crawlspace Issues) | All Crawl Space.com, thanks for the good read!
    — Keeley



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